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Supplier Certificates of Conformance Requirements

REV 0.0

Supplier will provide on Company Letterhead the following information on the Certificate:

  • Company Name and Information (phone number, fax number, address)
  • Tri-State Plastics, Inc. Purchase Order Number
  • Certificate must state that parts and/or services are sold to “Tri-State Plastics, Inc.”
  • Date of “Certificate of Conformance”
  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Material Test Reports (Includes Hardness, Conductivity, Chemistry, Burn Test, etc... as necessary.)
  • Batch
  • Lot Number
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Signature and Name Printed of Authorized Quality Department Manager or Upper Management
  • Material Specification
  • Expiration Date
  • Supplier Control Number (Lockheed Martin Only)
  • Processor Code (Lockheed Martin Only)
  • QCS-001 Process (Lockheed Martin Only)
  • EMAP Code (Lockheed Martin Only)